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Nautical Autonomous Unmanned Tail

Modular Propulsion System

Intelligent Maritime Mobility

The Nautical Autonomous Unmanned Tail (NAUT) system provides maritime mobility capabilities to any buoyant system requiring unmanned thrust and autonomy. The NAUT is part of the Onyx family of systems focused on hyper-enabling platforms to operate in any environment and complete any mission.


NAUT is built and programmed with a proprietary autonomous propulsion method that enables the operator to execute pre-programmed mission plans or maneuver the system via controller. Integrating into conventional networks or through its secure wireless connection, the NAUT is a plug-and-play system for easy command and control.

Ghost Robotics Vision 60

Quadrupedal Unmanned Ground Vehicle


Command and control agnostic

May be controlled by:

  • Autonomous robotic systems;

  • Separate controller;

  • TAK suite

  • Other

Field-expedient attachable and detachable mounting solution for autonomous robotic systems or any other maritime platform

Tailored mounting options for:

  • Flat-bottom platforms;

  • Curved; or

  • V-hull

Secure Wireless Connection

Advanced autonomy

TAK Suite Compatible

Tailored to mount to any

customer-preferred platform

Product Specifications

Additional Features


Purpose-built to withstand austere conditions with 7075 aerospace-grade machined aluminum


Capable of remote zeroizing to inhibit unintended or unauthorized use

Private key encrypted wireless control

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